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“I’ve always viewed our company as a consulting process that happened to be in the real estate business.”

Bill French

Founder and President Bill French began his company as a result of being in a difficult situation that many people have faced – feeling that his realtor simply wanted to sell a him house without considering what he was looking for. His job relocated him multiple times and he encountered this same problem again and again. 

This recurring issue became his inspiration for starting Wm French Buyer’s Real Estate Services, Inc. – a real estate agency with no listings, where the priority is finding the right home for our clients.

We are a buyers only agency. We have one interest in mind,
and that is our buyers.

Julie Brown

Director of Operations

WM French does not list homes for sale.

A traditional real estate agent has an obligation to promote homes that their company has listed. This creates a conflict of interest in several ways:

  • The buyer may not be shown all of the homes that meet their criteria
  • The agent may be a “dual agent”, representing both the buyer and seller

Unlike a traditional real estate agent, we do not list houses. Our goal is to find the right homes for our clients at the best price- there are no hidden agendas or conflicts of interests.


No listings: We remove the conflict of interest other agencies have and only work on behalf of the buyer, no hidden agendas.

Expertly honed processes: Since 1977 we utilize a system that helps our clients address and understand their housing needs.

Oldest and largest Buyer’s Agency

More than a home: We help our clients find their community in St. Louis by guiding them to cultural resources, activities/things to do that match their interests, and any special requests to make their transition here a smooth one.

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