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Talent Acquisition Assistance

St. Louis has a lot to offer new residents. From the relatively low cost of living and world class amenities, our region is an attractive draw for new employees. As the “unofficial ambassadors of St. Louis” our team helps bring awareness of the region’s livability, diversity, and natural beauty to new talent considering your company AND St. Louis. Wm French has extensive expertise crafting and implementing tours, presentations, and one-on-one experiences that turn highly valued candidates into valuable St. Louis business leaders.

"They're part of your recruitment team..."

“We help the person coming over internationally”

Potential transferees or new hires can be reluctant to accept a new position because they are resistant to the idea of moving, and often it’s because they may have a preconceived notion about living in St. Louis that is inaccurate or unfounded. That’s where Wm French can become a valued resource to your corporate recruiting team, helping talented employees find not just a home, but a new life in St. Louis with the activities, support systems, and community that draws people to our region. Wm French’s talent acquisition assistance is legendary – companies choose us to help because we help their recruiters “close the deal” in attracting top talent to St. Louis. In fact, the vast majority of candidates who receive a job offer after working with Wm French accept the job and relocation!

Our services to you go well beyond simply helping employees find a home.

When engaged with Wm French, 75% of candidates offered a position accepted the offer.

What WM French Provides

  • Detailed Q&A sessions between home buyers and agents to understand their community needs beyond the walls of their home
  • A personalized analysis of regional data on topics ranging from school districts and resale value to commute times and neighborhood-by-neighborhood demographics
  • A team dedicated to special interest research to meet individual and family needs
  • Regional residential and attractions tours
  • Skilled contract negotiation
  • An in-house lender working in tandem with Wm French agents to find the best possible rates for buyers
  • Experienced agents exclusively dedicated to taking care of buyers

What Employees Want

  • Much more than a home – they want a community to call their own
  • Key information regarding housing trends and school districts
  • Special interest information, such as children’s activities, places of worship, and health care options
  • Information on St. Louis area culture and lifestyle
  • The best price for their new home
  • Competitive mortgage rates
  • Knowledgeable, experienced professionals to guide them through the home buying process