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Wm French works with the region’s top companies, helping them attract and retain the best talent from all over the world to do their finest work in St. Louis. We’ve become a key part of the region’s most vital talent acquisition teams, regularly providing customized service from city tours to one-on-one information presentations that help highly sought-after candidates choose St. Louis as their home.


Services Include

  • Talent Acquisition Assistance
  • Home Search
  • Onboarding Services
  • International Services
  • Rental Home Search
  • Group Moves

Talent Acquisition Assistance

St. Louis has much to offer new residents, but for potential employees looking at moving to the region, the awareness of the region’s livability, diversity, and natural beauty is often low. Wm French has extensive expertise crafting and implementing the tours, presentations, and one-on-one experiences that turn highly valued candidates into valuable St. Louis business leaders.

Home Search

Wm French is an exclusive buyer’s agent, which means we work only for the buyer, so we have only the buyer’s best interests in mind as we lead the search. There’s no conflict of interest for Wm French agents in trying to serve both buyers and sellers, and that translates into better service for our clients.


International Services

Wm French has bilingual and non-native American team members who can help international clients more easily make the move to St. Louis, and we use the latest technologies to help clients find homes even before they ever step foot in the U.S.

Family moving house
realtors in front of a house

Group Moves

Wm French has extensive experience conducting group moves of 30+ for corporate clients, and we can quickly deploy to other U.S. cities to help coordinate group moves.

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Rental Assistance

Buying a home isn’t for everyone – and that’s why our Rental Assistance program is a perfect fit for those looking to rent or lease upon relocating.

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70+ Companies In St. Louis trust Wm French

B usinesses in St. Louis trust Wm French to help their employees relocate and adjust to St. Louis. They want their employees to feel at home in St. Louis and that is Wm French’s specialty.
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