Group moves are markedly different from that of a single relocation. Employees are often being relocated for the first time and they have questions about their future community. Wm French has assisted many corporations in moving groups to St. Louis. Large, global corporations have entrusted their employees to our relocation services. In many cases our assistance can make the difference in these employees’ decisions to move here. In the case of an international relocation, we have bilingual relocation specialist and can employe an interpreter for those who may experience a language barrier.

Objections from your Company

  • To assist in planning and coordination of your group move to St. Louis
  • To help ease the fears and insecurities that accompany a group move
  • To offer an increase likelihood of your employees accepting their moves
  • To showcase St. Louis as a great place to live and work
  • To reduce your time and dollar investment
  • To bridge the productivity gap during the relocation

The objectives for your Employees

  • To thoroughly acquaint them with St. Louis and its resources
  • To promote confidence and enthusiasm about their relocation
  • To represent them in every phase of the home search
  • To integrate their lifestyles into the house/apartment selection
  • To accomplish all of the above in your time frame

The Extra MIle

All of our relocations are important, but a group move requires more, and we go to the extra mile to make it successful

  • Tour of St. Louis and surrounding area
  • Community and neighborhood tours
  • Personalize lifestyle research
  • Information on housing trends
  • Statistics on school districts
  • Q&A sessions with the Wm French team
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