Wm French has been providing home buyers with outstanding buyer representation and relocation services for more than 30 years. However, not everyone moving to St. Louis is ready to buy a home immediately. Some employees and families choose rental or temporary housing, at least for a short time until they are in a position to buy. Because we are eager to help all of your employees we are happy to provide a Rental Assistance program. This program is tailored to fit the specific needs of renters, while still giving them the same level of excellent service those purchasing a home would receive.

Excellent Quality

We recommend only quality rental within the renter’s price range in all areas and neighborhoods in St. Louis City, St. Louis County, and St. Charles County

Increased Efficiency

On average, our clients secure rental or temporary housing within 48 hours. Because of this, we are able to reduce hotel and incidental expenses for your company and your employees

All-Inclusive Service

We do more than simply locate housing. We also provide our renters with information regarding lifestyle needs, schools, places or worship, sports, clubs, and more.

Client Follow Up

When the rental is selected and the lease is signed, our job isn’t yet complete. We are happy to follow up with your employees to help them if and when they are ready to buy a home.

The Right Move

Many employees relocating to the St. Louis area choose either rental or temporary housing, either for an extended period of time, for a short-term assignment, or for a few months until they are ready to buy. In 2014, 40% of our referrals were renters and we are more than happy to help them with any of their rental needs

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