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Over 40 years of helping people find the lifestyle and connections that make St. Louis home.


We understand that moving to a new city can feel like a daunting task, but we are here to help you every step of the way.


Neighborhoods, school district maps, and areas where most Wm French clients chose to live.


Urban, suburban, rural…whatever your desire, St. Louis has it!


Check out some of our brochures and list of helpful websites.

We want to find the right home for you. listen to your needs. be your advocate. negotiate on your behalf. make home buying exciting. exceed your expectations.

Why we are an Exlusive Buyer's Agency:

Traditional realtors list homes for sale in addition to helping buyers find a new home. This creates a conflict of interest as realtors have an obligation to promote their listings first.

Wm French does not list houses and acts only on the buyer’s behalf. This means that no homes get preferential treatment.

We scour the entire listing database of all available homes to find you the right fit. You will have peace of mind knowing that you are seeing the best houses on the market, period.

We are here to help you find not only your home in St. Louis, but your community.

For over 40 years Wm French Buyer’s Real Estate Services has helped people find their lives in St. Louis – the home, community, schools, activities, organizations, and connections that turn just another city into a long-term home. 

“Finding and purchasing the house, that’s the last piece of the puzzle. Our goal is to find the lifestyle…that meets their needs.” 

– Julie Brown, Director of Relocation

What To Expect With Your Relocation
We understand that moving to a new city can feel like a daunting task, but we are here to help you every step of the way.
Initial Contact
• Our Director of Relocation Julie Brown will reach out to you to discuss your housing needs, what will help you make a successful relocation, and goals for your tour of St. Louis. This is different for every person or family, for example schools, lifestyle needs, activities, etc.

• After speaking with Julie, you will recieve an online questionnaire that will help us pinpoint specific things you are looking for in your home search.

• Julie will use this information to determine the agent who is the best match for you and gives any research (schools, lifestyle, activities, etc.) to our Marketing department.

Before You Arrive
Your agent will reach out to you and introduce themselves. They will:

• Confirm information given by Julie/the questionnaire and make notes if any changes have occurred.

• Begin to send you listings as soon as possible based on your criteria.

• Submit any additional research that is needed to our marketing department.

• Plan for your arrival by arranging appointments (such as for schools) and previewing homes when possible.

• Review the itenerary for your trip to St. Louis and confirm that your goals and needs are being met.
Introduction to St. Louis
• To help you learn about St. Louis, your agent will provide a virtual binder presentation. This includes analytics and demographic information for any areas of interest.

• You will receive any requested research from the Marketing department.

• A tour of St. Louis will be offered to you. This includes communities any any special interests (example: schools).

Home Search
• Your agent will show homes that meet your criteria. During this time they will confirm that the time in St. louis is being well spent and they are focusing on appropriate properties.

• During your home tour, your agent will show you what the areas have to offer, such as: shopping, parks and recreation, grocery stores, and restaurants.

• Your agent will point out all factors to help you make a decision, including positives and areas of concern inside homes.

• At the end of the day your agent will review the homes you saw and find what are favorites and what homes/areas are no longer of interest
Home Purchase
• Once a home has been selected for purchase, your agent will discuss the next steps, including: the contracts, developing a strategy (utilizing information such as the value of the home compared to asking price), disclosures, and any/all other issues that accompany the contract development and submission.

• Once the contract has been successfully negotiated, the agent will discuss your options for the building inspection, title company selection, walkthroughs, and any other necessary actions.

• Your agent will be your advocate through closing, helping you until you have keys in hand for your new home.


Explore St. Louis Neighborhoods

See what homes are for sale by high school area and municipality. Our market watch will keep you updated with the newest real estate information.

Explore St. Louis School Districts

Due to the high number of municipalities in St. Louis County, people find it simpler in many cases to instead use school districts to describe location. You will find that this is a common practice in the St. Louis area and is what most locals use, which can be helpful in your home search.


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St. Louis City
Living in St. Louis
Urban, suburban, rural…whatever your desire, St. Louis has it. From the downtown loft district and the Europe-meets-New York vibe of the Central West End to the friendly suburban neighborhoods and lush, rolling horse farms in West County, or maybe the historic district of St. Charles, Missouri's first State Capitol, you’ll find the living space that works for you.
Playing in St. Louis
Fun fact: nearly 30 million visitors come to St. Louis every year to play. Why? Because St. Louis is fun! In addition to being fun, St. Louis is also budget friendly. World-class museums including the renowned Saint Louis Art Museum, The Magic House, parks, and attractions like the Saint Louis Zoo – named the “Best Free Attraction” and “Nation’s Best Zoo” by USA Today readers… ensure you’ll be hard pressed to run out of things to do. Add all our indoor and outdoor recreational activities, 11-time World Series Champions St. Louis Cardinals baseball, and professional ice hockey from the Stanley Cup Champions St. Louis Blues to make sports fans happy. Did we mention the music scene here? The blues, the symphony, the summer outdoor concerts…playtime in St. Louis is a not-to-be-missed experience!
Working in St. Louis
With excellent infrastructure and natural beauty all around, working in the St. Louis region is rewarding on many levels. Major highways and interstates both circle and move through St. Louis, making it relatively easy for commuters to travel between work and home. Throughout the region, you’ll find that we’re in growth mode – there’s an energy around business that makes it an exciting time to work in St. Louis.

Cultural Centers in St. Louis

SLU Center For Global Citizenship

The Saint Louis University Center for Global Citizenship hosts events aimed at helping the SLU community view the world from a more global perspective.

Progressive Emporium & Education Center

Progressive provides a range of cultural activities – Kwanzaa celebrations, Black History Programs, Black Love Day Celebrations, etc. Space is limited so registration is preferred.

The Hindu Temple of St. Louis & Mahatma Gandhi Center

The Hindu Temple of St. Louis is known for the countless ways that it gives back to the St. Louis community. They are welcoming to anyone, regardless of age, faith, ethnicity, or race.

SLU Center For Global Citizenship

The German Cultural Society is a not-for- profit, non political organization, whose purpose is to foster educational and benevolent activities, to preserve and advance the German culture, customes, and language, to cultiviate German music, songs, and dances in traditional costumes.


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