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We help people move with confidence

Driven by personal experience

Relocating involves many concerns. How do I find a house that I will really want? Will I be able to maintain my current lifestyle? How can I create a home here?

These were questions that Bill French asked when his company relocated him, and throughout multiple moves he was left unsatisfied by what traditional real estate agents had to offer. This sparked the idea for a new kind of real estate company.


Founded in 1977, we have over 40 years of experience


Helping executives and professionals successfully relocate to St. Louis is our specialty


We remove the conflict of interest other agencies have and only work on behalf of the buyer, no hidden agendas

Why don't we list houses?

Real estate agents can represent a buyer, seller, or both. Representing both home buyers and sellers is known as “dual agency”, which creates a conflict of interest as realtors have an obligation to promote their listings first.

Wm French does not list houses and acts only on the buyer’s behalf. This means that no homes get preferential treatment.

We scour the entire listing database of all available homes to find you the right fit. You will have peace of mind knowing that you are seeing the best houses on the market, period.

We are here to help you find not only your home in St. Louis, but your community

For over 40 years Wm French Buyer’s Real Estate Services has helped people find their lives in St. Louis – the home, community, schools, activities, organizations, and connections that turn just another city into a long-term home.

“Finding and purchasing the house, that’s the last piece of the puzzle. Our goal is to find the lifestyle…that meets their needs.”

– Julie Brown, Director of Relocation

Taking the guesswork out of moving

Finding a new home is not just a matter or choosing a place to live. It’s selecting an entire environment that satisfies your lifestyle needs.

Because every client is unique, we want to hear from you what will help you to make a successful relocation. Our research department can research any topic. We’ve handled everything from, “I need my child to be in a specialized gymnastics program to train for the Olympics” to “Where are some good places for coffee in St. Louis?”

Before your arrival to St. Louis your agent and our research department are hard at work. Your agent will be previewing homes and scheduling appointments, while the research department is compiling any information that you have requested. 

Most of our clients have a limited amount of time in St. Louis, sometimes having as few as two or three days-to see everything, pinpoint the best prospects, and make a careful, informed decision on where to live. That’s why your agent will have research and analytics ready upon your arrival, so you can make the most of your time and have the tools you need to feel confident in your decisions.

What To Expect With Your Relocation
We understand that moving to a new city can feel like a daunting task, but we are here to help you every step of the way.
Initial Contact
• Our Director of Relocation Julie Brown will reach out to you to discuss your lifestyle and housing needs, what will help you make a successful relocation, and goals for your tour of St. Louis. This is different for every person or family, for example schools, lifestyle needs, activities, etc.

• After speaking with Julie, you will receive an online questionnaire that will help us pinpoint specific things you are looking for in your home search.

• Julie will use this information to determine the agent who is the best advocate for you and then give any research needed (schools, lifestyle, activities, etc.) to our research department.
Before You Arrive
Your agent will reach out to you for an initial introduction. Then he/she will:

• Confirm information given by Julie/the questionnaire and make notes if any changes have occurred.

• Begin to send you listings as soon as possible based on your criteria.

• Submit any additional research that is needed to our research department.

• Plan for your arrival by arranging appointments (such as for schools) and previewing homes when possible.

• Review the itenerary for your trip to St. Louis and concirm that your goals and needs are being met.

• And most importantly, listen to you. Fulfilling your agenda is their primary goal.
Introduction to St. Louis
• To help you learn about St. Louis, your agent will provide a virtual binder presentation. This includes analytics and demographic information for any areas of interest.

• You will receive any requested research from the research department.

• A tour of St. Louis will be offered to you. This includes communities any any special interests (example: schools).

Home Search
• Your agent will show homes that meet your criteria and the areas that meet your lifestyle. They will confirm that the time in St. louis is being well spent and they are focusing on appropriate properties.

• During your home tour, your agent will show you what the areas have to offer, such as: schools, shopping, parks and recreation, grocery stores, and restaurants.

• Your agent will point out all factors to help you make a decision, including positives and areas of concern inside homes.

• At the end of the day your agent will review the homes you saw and find what are favorites and what homes/areas are no longer of interest.
Home Purchase
• Once a home has been selected for purchase, your agent will discuss the next steps, including: the contracts, developing a strategy, disclosures, and any/all other issues that accompany the contract development and submission.

• Once the contract has been successfully negotiated, the agent will discuss your options for the building inspection, title company selection, walkthroughs, and any other necessary actions.

• Your agent will be your advocate through closing, helping you until you have keys in hand for your new home.

a strong champion for our interests
"Outstanding work done by Julie Brown specially with great support from Angela. Julie was just a strong champion for our interests and took the time to understand what we were looking for, fantastic support."

- October 2020

a phenomenal job
"Diane Mundschenk helped us through the entire home buying process. She did a phenomenal job going above and beyond all of our expectations. We were so fortunate that have Diane helping us."

- August 2020

well above and beyond
"Sandy went well above and beyond to do everything she could to find us our dream home. Her efforts are very much appreciated and we can not thank her enough for devoting so much time and never losing patience in our searching."

- May 2020

she went above and beyond and made the experience of moving across country less stressful
"Julie was fantastic to work with. we gave her quite a challenge to find a rental that fit our needs as well as one that accepted our animals. she went above and beyond and made the experience of moving across country less stressful."

- July 2020

I have no words to express how happy I am with the support provided by WF, it make all difference during my relocation and specially to Julie Brown and Emil!!! You are OUTSTANDING"

- May 2020

..making the international transition much safer, easier and overall less stressful.
"The support and help was invaluable to us, making the international transition much safer, easier and overall less stressful."

- March 2020
she was always there as the saftey-net
"...During the COVID crisis, work demands were incredible, and she was always there as the safety-net, keeping me moving in the right direction, without being pushy...Her knowledge of so many areas, and her candidness was refreshing. I've moved many times with my company. I wish they could duplicate her in other markets. She's the best I have ever worked with, and I have worked with many."

- April 2020
virtual house hunting
"I just wanted to give a shout out to Diane. She's been amazing: helpful, understanding and competent. This whole process of virtual house hunting and buying a house without visiting it could've been way more overwhelming if we did not have someone like her helping us!"

- May 2020

I would highly recommend WM French in the future.
"WM French went out of their way to help me find the right home. They made recommendations that were attenuated to my particular tastes. I would highly recommend WM French in the future."

- January 2020
a world class professional
"Doris is a world-class professional! She really made the home-buying experience a lot less stressful than we have previously experienced. (This is our fifth house)"

- March 2020
guided me through my first home purchase
"Linda Heil was a pleasure to work with throughout the home-buying process. She listened well, and I did not feel pressured at any point during my search. She responded quickly to all issues that came up, and guided me through my first home purchase. I would recommend Linda to anyone buying a home."

- March 2020
I couldn’t be happier
"I couldn’t be happier with my home and the experience. Sandy was wonderful."

- January 2020
set the bar high for professionalism, detail, and candor
"It was a great experience and set the bar high for professionalism, detail, and candor for future realtors to live up to."

- October 2019
We are grateful for their support in our relocation.
Diane's support was essential to us making smart decisions. She was a very valuable resource to us during the home hunting process, closing, and has continued to support us after the close. I and my family are extremely pleased with the home, location, and community we found through Diane's efforts.
It could have been a nightmare
House hunting all day with 3 kids 6 and younger. It could have been a nightmare but Sandy made it a breeze. She was excellent with involving our kids as we looked through the homes while still pointing out the details that were important to the adults in the room. A+
attention to our "must haves"
"Thanks to Nancy's attention to detail, and paying attention to our "must haves", we were able to find our home on our first day out.  She has a talent for what she does, as our home was not one we had picked from the list she had sent, but she had a feeling we would love it, and we did!"

- November 2018

exceeded all our expectations
"Angela was a wonderful agent and helped us to find a great place where we can truly feel at-home. The level of service exceeded all our expectations and we could not be happier. Thank you so much for your help!"

- February 2019


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